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Frequently Asked Questions?


Below are just some of the questions I get asked, if your question is not coverd please get in touch below & I shall be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Shoulder Treatment
Q; What's the difference between sports & remedial massage & physiopherapy?

A; The Chartered Society of Physiotherapist was initially formed by a group of remedial massage therapists, so about 100 years ago there was no difference. But remedial massage has many clinical limitations and, quite rightly, physiotherapy began to develop techniques, procedures and equipment to overcome some of those limitations. However, massage became a smaller part of training and in many cases today hardly appears on their training curriculum.

Remedial massage, has been the most effective treatment for minor soft tissue conditions for thousands of years. Of course the equipment used in massage, human hands and palpation skills, has not diminished over the years, nor has there been a change in the soft tissue conditions people suffer. So what was effective throughout history is no less effective today. 

Physiotherapist today are being trained to deal with more and more serious conditions, and the minor soft tissue problems may not be given the importance they deserve. Remedial massage today is dealing quickly and effectively with many minor and chronic muscular problems which still seem to respond to good old-fashioned remedial massage better than anything else.

Physiotherapist, generally speaking, use very little massage, but remedial massage therapists use nothing but massage, so the two are clearly very different now. But the two do work very well together and we see great examples of remedial massage therapists working within physiotherapy.

Calf Treatment
Q; How often should I get treatment?

A; It’s recommended every 4-8 weeks for regular sports men & women. At heavy periods of training such as marathon running every 2-4 weeks is beneficial.
For those into gardening & DIY 3-4 times a year may be enough, but plan into your year, at heavy periods of work load..

Got your own question?

Back Treatment

Q; Can regular treatment reduce my chance of injury?

A; Yes receiving regular massage by a well trained sports & remedial massage therapist can identify areas of scar tissue, tight muscle & prevent them from causing you to stop training or enjoying your activity. I'm always increasing my knowedge as you can see from my list  of CPD activities.

Hip Stretching

Q; What should I do when I get an injury?

A; Immediately following an injury you should follow the R.I.C.E procedure for the first 24-48hrs.
Then Contact Me

Staying Healthy

Q; How many session's will I need?

A; This does depend on how long you’ve had the problem, age, history, your general health. Usually treatment is required once a week for 2-4 weeks but you should see improvement straight away.

Q; Should I recieve treatment if I feel unwell?

A; If your feeling unwell then treatment could send any virus around your body leaving you feeling even worse.
So you may like to consult your doctor first.

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