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Initial Assessment

For your first treatment session.

An Initial Assessment involves filling out a simple online form. This is to assess your current injury problems & gain an understanding of your medical history.

55min Treatment Session


 Physical Therapy

Regular Treatment

For follow up treatment session

A regular or follow up treatment session should it be required. We can decide at your initial assessment, often injuries need 3-5 sessions.

55min Treatment Session


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Stretching on a Mat Outdoors

Slings in Motion

For clients only

Slings in Motion is a blend of yoga & pilates, set firming in the western world. Based on Anatomy Trains (the whole-body) fascial and myofascial system.

55min Session


Your first visit including Initial Assessment will last 55min, subsequent treatment session's may be 40min or 55min.
All missed or cancelled appointments with less than 24hrs notice may be charged for.

Under 18's need to have an adult present at all times during the treatment session.

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