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Continued Professional Development

During lockdown, I've been busy studying with the Open University The first subject I've covered is "The Psychological Aspects of Sport Injury" I've found this quite interesting & that if I could have applied it to my running when I was younger it would have been great benefit. In the mist's of the Covid 19 pandemic it's be of use too. Due to the fact that most psychological factors are part of everyday life, it's just knowing how to deal with them. Which is also part of my treatment strategy, for helping my clients running marathon's etc. So the The benefits of sport psychology intervention are listed below.

Using psychological interventions for people with a sport injury can lead to several benefits, such as:

  • increased adherence to rehabilitation programmes

  • more positive attitude towards recovery

  • increased motivation

  • pain management

  • enhanced coping skills

  • reduced stress, anxiety and depression, and

  • enhanced healing.

Looking forward to helping my clients back from injury with hands on treatment & some psychological advice. Tim Sutton LSSM (Dip) MISRM

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