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Opening Soon 12th April

With just three weeks to go, its fingers crossed that government restrictions allow for the opening up of businesses. Covid 19 policies & procedures will apply.

You can find them here.

In lockdown I've been doing lots of studying, which has been very interesting. So its going to be great to be hands ✋✋ on again. Same great treatment sessions with more help and advice to pass onto my clients.

Not only will you get the hands on treatment you require, I shall take you through some prevention ideas and email you any rehabilitation exercises that we feel appropriate.

The infographic to the right shows how to sit properly at the desk or kitchen table, as I'm sure many of you feel your being tied too!

With many years of running & coaching experience, I understand the need to get outside & exercise. So anyone who's new or old coming to the world of improving, maintaining or simply starting out on a exercise program I can help with that too. I've an understanding of movement exercise with my Barefoot Strong & Slings In Motion qualifications.

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