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Running for Trees

Updated: May 23, 2022

I'm going carbon neutral, by running for trees!

With the talks at COP26, it got me thinking about how I could do a little more for our planet. So with my enthusiasm for all things running I came across Earth Runs virtual races that plant trees.

Our climate is in chaos, so fighting deforestation is one part of the solution and planting more trees is another.

By running a virtual race I'm contributing to an actual solution. By running the races, they then plant the trees through partnerships with organisations around the world.

It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s running!

So my first race was the Rotten 10km to plant three trees. 21st November 2021

So at 6:30am on a dry windless Sunday morning it was out running I went. Along the seafront & back up the hills to home. Using my Garmin, which I've set up to give me splits each km. I found the race/run motivated me to try a little harder than usual with the added bonus to planting trees. A silly but great way to reduce my carbon footprint! Roll on my next event.

It's all credit to the way businesses are moving, in that when I put my order in for some new business cards another tree was planted!

On to Friday, November 26th & the Black Friday 5km

A novel way to start my morning, however quite possible before work. With a warm up of 10min I was on my way, with a route that took me out to Ringwould via the country lanes & hills. Entering the village from the the quite side it was a loop around it's two roads, back & front street! Then the lovely long down hill to my finish line. A short warm down, I was home & ready to shower.

So on Black Friday, I planted 10 trees for our planet.

December 19th a foggy, damp Sunday morning & my 2nd 10km, this run is to Replant Xmas trees. My glasses are steaming up with rain falling on the lens, it's hard to see where I'm going. However for the purpose of planting trees I'm actually enjoying running a little faster! These virtual runs are certainly giving me some motivation to work harder. I'm never going to PB again but the sense of achievement is wonderful.

It's the end of the year & I'm looking forward to 2022!

A new year & more trees to help get planted, so I've committed myself to increasing my Tree Total to 150, by December 31st 2022!

So I'm signed up to run 10km a month by doing the monthly bird challenge with this still means I'll need to find one or two more to reach my target.

So to kick off the year it's 5km & turning "Blue Monday True Blue". The third Monday of January is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year.

Not being one be down in the dumps as I've always found running can lift my mood & put a positive step in my stride to health & happiness!

So Monday 17th January & I'm off running the True 'Blue Monday' 5km at 6:30am! An early start but work begins in a few hours.

It was a cold frosty, still morning, starting with an easy warm up & I was off.

My route takes me out into the countryside, with my trusty head torch to light my way. I just love it out here the peace & quite of it all. The hoot of an owl as I run through the woods to cheer me on my way. 5km is not so far & I'm soon home in the warm ready for a day of working.

January 30th & the Lapwing 10km it's the national garden bird watch weekend, so I'd decided to do this months virtual running event as part of the weekend. During the Covid19 pandemic we've become quite interested in "birding" as it's known! Lapwings (also called Peewit) can be seen this time of the year at Pegwell Bay, somewhere we enjoy getting outside to enjoy nature & the Scrape at Sandwich Bird Observatory.

Sunday 13th February & the Goldfinch 10km another cold morning & you begin to wonder why! Still thinking of all the trees being planted & the wildlife supported within these trees is enough to spur me on. Later on in the day we visited Gazen Salts Nature Reserve in Sandwich. The bird feeders here are full of Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Great Tits & Blue Tits. It just such a nice area to walk, sit & be at one with nature.

It's TWOSDAY 5km the 22/02/2022 a crazy idea? However this once in a lifetime event needs to be run!

So at 6:30am I'm off to run the 222222's... I've always enjoyed running & doing something different with it, this was no exception. From Race The Train in Wales to the Havana 1/2 Marathon in Cuba & Bert's Bricks 10km in South Africa, Twosday I'll always remember! So naturally another 22 tress planted!

A day that we see war in Ukraine so United We Run 5km

Not much needs to be said, I've run this with a donation the the British Red Cross.

Peace to the World.

March & it's the Blue Tit 10km Back on a lighter note but still an important subject.

On a crisp bright windless morning, I'm off once again on my seafront 10km loop. Running well & really enjoying the pace today. It's so great to feel free & easy. This is why I love running so much & the art work on these badges is fantastic! Another 8 trees planted, a good morning's run!

April is Swallow 10km

The year is beginning to fly by, it's a year since I was able to open my business again after the 2nd Covid lockdown of the pandemic. It's great to be back working. The troubles of the last couple of years have helped me understand the importance of good mental health. Running is something that has always helped me get though the ups & downs of my life.

Tree Total 098

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