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The Wildlife Trusts' Big Wild (Running For Me!) Walk

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

25th - 31st October

I'm running 30km from 25th - 31st October to raise money for The Wildlife Trusts to help them on their mission to restore at least 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030.

My aim is to complete 30km in 3hrs over 7 days, getting as close to 3hrs as is possible!

Day 1

25th October 7km

We're off... My "Wildlife Trusts Big Wild"

First run completed, it's a long time since I've run a race or challenge, so this feels like fun. I really enjoyed my run this morning & felt great!

It's not always about pushing ourselves physically hard over long distances or fast times. I've done that myself in the past & have achieved many satisfactory results. Today & this week is about staying fit & healthy, enough of a challenge to do more than of recent weeks. Being physically active & mental wellness at the same time.

Day 2 26th October Rest Day

"Rest Days are Important"

I may have only started my challenge yesterday, however rest days or activities different to what has gone before is important. So today I've managed to fit in 30min of "Slings in Motion" the repertoire that consists of balancing, lengthening, strengthening & improving flexibility. I'm an ambassador for this type of movement, so if your interested then contact me & I'll explain further. After work will be a short walk around the local countryside to enjoy the wildlife!

Day 3 27th October 6km

"Form & Function"

My 2nd run done, a little shorter first thing this morning, as it's a busy day in the clinic. Really enjoyed this run, staring slowly as we'd been out yesterday evening over Worth Marshes bird watching. Built up speed towards the end, so finished with a real spring in my stride.

A short run or activity is enough to get the heart rate going, enhancing my elasticity is to save on muscle use & conserve energy. Something we usually don't consider is our running form, so I try to run being aware of form & function. One piece of advice I've found useful when running is to keep your eyeline on the horizon, try it yourself & see how you get on.

Day 4 28th October Rest Day "Well a good walk for me"

Nothing to far, just fitting the opportunity into my day as the weather was good at lunchtime! I try to make the most of life & stay active throughout the day. Sitting is a big problem, so by doing a great big hike in the morning & then sitting the rest of the day is still not good for us. Our bodies take on the posture we give it. So whether we sit at the desk or on the sofa it about the amount of time we spend in the same position! In my day I try to sit for no more than 30min before getting up & moving, it doesn't have to be much. With a good drama or movie on TV I might not worry, as it's not all the time.

So stay active, improve your posture & feel good.

Day 5 29th October 7.4km run

"Run 3 & nearly there..."

Another early start for my 7.4km run around the country lanes in the dark, hi-vis clothing & my head torch to be safe!

Just 10km on Sunday to finish my week off. I shall get 30min of Slings in Motion (Pilates & Yoga) movement practice in, which is really helping to keep my body strong, flexible & it fun to do. Exercise should not be a chore but something to enjoy! Slings in Motion is a movement repertoire by the Art Of Motion take a look & if you feel it of use give me a call. I often use it with my clients, suggesting which exercise would help with their recovery.

Day 6 30th October Rest Day

"Saturday morning before the rain"

I've always been good at getting up & out. In my younger running days when I was marathon training I'd run twice. It's the peace & quite that I enjoy at this time of day. There was nobody about on Hawkshill Common or along the seafront. With the running I found that my race times really improved when the miles clocked up to 70 or more a week! Today it was just a 5km walk before this weeks challenge of 30km is complete.

Day 7 31st October 10km

"The last Run"

Last run of my challenge, 10km this morning in the wind but before the rain. A total of just over 30km in just under 2:58hrs. I'm happy with that, if I hadn't felt so good this morning I'd have been closer to the 3hrs! This week has been a lot of fun, mainly though It's been great to help with preserving & developing the future for our wildlife.

Exercise doesn't have to be some great challenge or indeed anything your not going to enjoy! Find something that suits you, with people like you. A walk in the park, a swim in the pool or learn to dance. Pilates & Yoga work well to to help lengthen & strengthen your soft tissues. Any injury problems or just wanting to health & exercise advice. Then why not contact me today! 01304 366248

Yours sincerely

Tim Sutton LSSM (Dip) MSRM

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